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Color Rubber Base Gel “OPAL 01”

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Color Base Gel Opal N:01 is a colored base coat of a pure milky shade with an opal shimmer. It is used as an independent coating. Strengthens and straightens nails, provides hands with a delicate and sophisticated look. Color Base Opal N:01 doesn’t require substrate. The base has no sticky layer. When using this base with a weakened nail plate, it is allowed to apply a thin layer of the Rubber Base Gel under the Color Base Gel Opal.

Advantages of the Color Base Gel Opal:

  • Improved adhesive ability.
  • Excellent covering ability.
  • Good thixotropy.
  • Consistency of medium viscosity (easy to apply, does not spread).
  • Dries well even in a dense layer.
  • Demanded palette.

Usage instructions

Apply a thin layer on the nail. Cure in UV lamp for 2 min. and LED lamp- 30 sec.. Apply the colour gel nail polish and the top coat.

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